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JavaScript function to parse a URL in a browser

A small function useful for browsers that do not support the URL interface. It was posted by Freddie Fujiwara at Stack Overflow.

function parseURL(href) {
  let location = document.createElement('a');

  location.href = href;

  return location;

The function uses the HTMLAnchorElement interface provided by the DOM and returns an object with the properties supported by HTMLAnchorElement: host, hostname, protocol etc.

Documentation and references

WP-CLI packages

A list of WP-CLI packages I have found useful.

Unicode characters, symbols and icons

Symbol Description Hex Dec
Identical to 0x2261 8801
Telephone recorder 0x2315 8981
Black down-pointing small triangle 0x25BE 9662
Trigram for heaven 0x2630 9776
Neuter 0x26B2 9906

Testing revisions

One two three four...

Five six seven eight...

Photographs with and without captions

This post has four photographs with captions. It is meant for testing CSS styling of captions.

All photographs are from Unspash.

A photograph by Dayne Topkin (this is its caption)
A photograph by Janos Richter (this is its caption)

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A photograph by Jason Leung (this is its caption)
A photograph by Wes Hicks (this is its caption)