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Definition lists

Pomaceous fruit of plants of the genus Malus in the family Rosaceae.
An American computer company.
The fruit of an evergreen tree of the genus Citrus.

Lists: Unordered

  • One
  • Two
  • Three

Lists: Ordered

  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three
  4. Four

Lists: Ordered and nested

  1. Item 1
  2. Item 2
  3. Item 3
    1. Item 3a
    2. Item 3b
  4. Item 4
  5. Item 5

Lists: Ordered, long

  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three
  4. Four
  5. Five
  6. Six
  7. Seven
  8. Eight
  9. Nine


Function name Description
hash() Return the hash value of the object (if it has one).
help() Invoke the built-in help system.
len() Return the length (the number of items) of an object.


If you want to embed images in Markdown, this is how you do it:

Image of Yaktocat


This is a blockquote:

[Fred] then said he liked [...] fish.


Three anchors. The first has a title attribute. The other two do not have a title attribute.


Some Markdown flavours automatically convert URLs like into clickable links. Others don’t.

Properties of the WP_Post class

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  • ID
  • comment_count
  • comment_status
  • filter
  • guid
  • menu_order
  • ping_status
  • pinged
  • post_author
  • post_content_filtered
  • post_content
  • post_date_gmt
  • post_date
  • post_excerpt
  • post_mime_type
  • post_modified_gmt
  • post_modified
  • post_name
  • post_parent
  • post_password
  • post_status
  • post_title
  • post_type
  • to_ping


Atom keyboard shortcuts

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A non-exhaustive list of keyboard shortcuts for the Atom editor

Shortcut Command Group
a Tree View: Add file Tree view
d Tree View: Duplicate Tree view
Del Tree View: Delete file Tree view
F2 Jump to next bookmark Moving
Alt + \ Toggle focus on Tree view
Alt + F3 Select all instances of selected word/token Editing text
Alt + Ctrl + . Close current XML/HTML tag Editing text
Alt + Ctrl + F2 Toggle bookmark on current line Moving
Alt + Ctrl + M Select all text inside current brackets Editing text
Alt + Ctrl + O Add project folder
Alt + Ctrl + Down Add cursor below current cursor Editing text
Alt + Ctrl + Up Add cursor above current cursor Editing text
Ctrl + , Settings Essential
Ctrl + \ Toggle tree view Tree view
Ctrl + F2 List project bookmarks Moving
Ctrl + A Select all Selecting
Ctrl + B Fuzzy finder in opened files
Ctrl + D Select nearest, then next word/token Editing text
Ctrl + F Search in buffer
Ctrl + G Go to line Moving
Ctrl + J Join lines (current and next) Editing text
Ctrl + L Select line Selecting
Ctrl + M Jump to matching bracket Editing text
Ctrl + O Open file
Ctrl + P Fuzzy finder
Ctrl + R Jump to symbol Moving
Ctrl + S Save file
Ctrl + T
Ctrl + Down Move line down Editing text
Ctrl + Up Move line up Editing text
Ctrl + K L Convert to lowercase Editing text
Ctrl + K U Convert to uppercase Editing text
Ctrl + Shift + B Fuzzy find in new/modified since last commit
Ctrl + Shift + D Duplicate line
Ctrl + Shift + F Search in project
Ctrl + Shift + K Delete line Editing text
Ctrl + Shift + L Select grammar/language
Ctrl + Shift + M Markdown preview
Ctrl + Shift + P Command palette Essential
Ctrl + Shift + R Go to symbol across project
Ctrl + Shift + S Save file as
Ctrl + Shift + U Select encoding
Shift + F2 Jump to previous bookmark Moving

Sublime Text keyboard shortcuts

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A not exhaustive list of keyboard shortcuts for Sublime Text.

Shortcut Command
Alt + Ctrl + Shift + P Show syntax scope
Ctrl + [ Unindent
Ctrl + ] Indent
Ctrl + - Go to last cursor position
Ctrl + 0 Focus on sidebar
Ctrl + G Go to line
Ctrl + I Search incrementally (Enter returns focus to editor)
Ctrl + K B Toggle sidebar
Ctrl + K C Show at center
Ctrl + K D Unselect current selection in multiselection
Ctrl + K V Show copy/paste history menu
Ctrl + L Select current line, then subsequent lines
Ctrl + P Enter Switch to last file
Ctrl + U Undo last selection in multiselection
Ctrl + F2 Toggle (set/unset) bookmark
Ctrl + Enter Insert line below current line and go to it
Ctrl + Tab Switch to last file
F2 Go to bookmark
F12 Show definition


Published ·UPD ·In Linux
Alias Command
ipio curl
ll LC_COLLATE=C ls -a -k -l --group-directories-first --time-style=long-iso