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Atom keyboard shortcuts

A non-exhaustive list of keyboard shortcuts for the Atom editor

Shortcut Command Group
a Tree View: Add file Tree view
d Tree View: Duplicate Tree view
Del Tree View: Delete file Tree view
F2 Jump to next bookmark Moving
Alt + \ Toggle focus on Tree view
Alt + F3 Select all instances of selected word/token Editing text
Alt + Ctrl + . Close current XML/HTML tag Editing text
Alt + Ctrl + F2 Toggle bookmark on current line Moving
Alt + Ctrl + M Select all text inside current brackets Editing text
Alt + Ctrl + O Add project folder
Alt + Ctrl + Down Add cursor below current cursor Editing text
Alt + Ctrl + Up Add cursor above current cursor Editing text
Ctrl + , Settings Essential
Ctrl + \ Toggle tree view Tree view
Ctrl + F2 List project bookmarks Moving
Ctrl + A Select all Selecting
Ctrl + B Fuzzy finder in opened files
Ctrl + D Select nearest, then next word/token Editing text
Ctrl + F Search in buffer
Ctrl + G Go to line Moving
Ctrl + J Join lines (current and next) Editing text
Ctrl + L Select line Selecting
Ctrl + M Jump to matching bracket Editing text
Ctrl + O Open file
Ctrl + P Fuzzy finder
Ctrl + R Jump to symbol Moving
Ctrl + S Save file
Ctrl + T
Ctrl + Down Move line down Editing text
Ctrl + Up Move line up Editing text
Ctrl + K L Convert to lowercase Editing text
Ctrl + K U Convert to uppercase Editing text
Ctrl + Shift + B Fuzzy find in new/modified since last commit
Ctrl + Shift + D Duplicate line
Ctrl + Shift + F Search in project
Ctrl + Shift + K Delete line Editing text
Ctrl + Shift + L Select grammar/language
Ctrl + Shift + M Markdown preview
Ctrl + Shift + P Command palette Essential
Ctrl + Shift + R Go to symbol across project
Ctrl + Shift + S Save file as
Ctrl + Shift + U Select encoding
Shift + F2 Jump to previous bookmark Moving