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Sublime Text keyboard shortcuts

A not exhaustive list of keyboard shortcuts for Sublime Text.

Shortcut Command
Alt + Ctrl + Shift + P Show syntax scope
Ctrl + [ Unindent
Ctrl + ] Indent
Ctrl + - Go to last cursor position
Ctrl + 0 Focus on sidebar
Ctrl + G Go to line
Ctrl + I Search incrementally (Enter returns focus to editor)
Ctrl + K B Toggle sidebar
Ctrl + K C Show at center
Ctrl + K D Unselect current selection in multiselection
Ctrl + K V Show copy/paste history menu
Ctrl + L Select current line, then subsequent lines
Ctrl + P Enter Switch to last file
Ctrl + U Undo last selection in multiselection
Ctrl + F2 Toggle (set/unset) bookmark
Ctrl + Enter Insert line below current line and go to it
Ctrl + Tab Switch to last file
F2 Go to bookmark
F12 Show definition