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A website made for testing

WordPress CLI commands

A selection of WP-CLI commands.

Command Comment
sudo wp cli update Updates WP-CLI itself
wp core update --version=VERSION --force Downgrades WordPress to specified VERSION (e.g., 5.0.2)
wp db cli Opens a MySQL console using credentials from wp-config.php
wp db export --add-drop-table Exports database adding DROP TABLE before each CREATE
wp media image-size Lists registered image sizes
wp media import *.png Adds all PNG files in current directory to the media library
wp media regenerate Regenerates thumbnails for one or more attachments
wp plugin list --status=active Lists all active plugins
wp plugin list --status=inactive Lists all inactive plugins
wp post delete 99 Deletes (to bin) post with ID 99
wp post delete $(wp post list --cat=9 --format=ids) Deletes (to bin) all posts in category with ID 9
wp post delete $(wp post list --post_status=trash --format=ids) Deletes all posts from the trash
wp post update $(wp post list --author=1 --format=ids) --post_author=2 Trasfers all entries by user with ID 1 to user with ID 2
wp post-type list Lists registered post types
wp search-replace 'a' 'b' --skip-columns=guid Replaces a with b in database skipping the guid column
wp term list category Lists categories
wp user list --orderby=ID Lists users ordered by ID